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Happy Halloween/One Week Before My Birthday! Before we talk about my outfit, can we just take in the cuteness that is my niece?! I love that little girl so much! You can't see it in this pictures but her onesie says "Wickedly Cute Like Auntie". I feel like it's my duty as an aunt to buy her any outfit that says something about an aunt on it. It would be a crime not to, right? And how do you like her shoelace headband? My sister forgot the real headband at home and we didn't want to go back and get it so we improvised. And you know what we learned...Stevie Rae can rock a shoelace headband like nobody's business.

Ok now to the outfit...I am obsessed with maxi cardigans (how amazing is this striped one from Lookbook Store?!). Well, as obsessed as someone can be when they only own one. But I plan on getting more. And I'm not the only one who is obsessed with them. A group of construction workers are obsessed too and I know this because they wouldn't stop staring while I took my pictures. Seriously guys, get back to work! I told myself they must really love my striped maxi cardigan but deep down I know I was lying to myself. Instead of admiring my cardigan, they were probably thinking I looked like a crazy person singing to myself while I take pictures of myself with a tripod. Yes, I sing out-loud while I take my pictures.
Outfit Details:
White Tee | similar
Striped Maxi Cardigan c/o Lookbook Store
J Brand Jeans | similar
Black Bag c/o Oasap | similar
Black Boots | similar
Statement Necklace c/o NadiaRima
Ray Ban Sunglasses c/o Smart Buy Glasses
Gold Watch | similar

Stevie Rae's Outfit:
"Wickedly Cute" Onesie


Some people know tomorrow as "Halloween" but it is better known as "One Week Before Kacie's Birthday". I'm so excited! I've been putting together my birthday wishlist for practically the past year (I'm seriously the easiest person to shop for because at any given point in the year, I have a wishlist ready to hand out...just in case) and I emailed it to all my family a month ago. I thought I'd share it with all of you too. You know, just in case you want to get me a little somethin' somethin' :)
My Birthday Wishlist:
2. Tassel Necklace (only $32!)
3. Plaid Top (under $40!)
8. Over The Knee Boots (under $150!)
11. Hydrangea Stem
(These leopard heels used to be on that list but I accidentally bought them for myself. Oops :) I also want an iPhone 6 and have been dropping hints to the hubs. And hinting I mean saying "I want you to get me an iPhone 6 for my birthday". I'm very subtle like that.)


Rosie The Riveter Halloween Costume

Can you believe Halloween is just two days away?! Which means my birthday is just nine days away! Yay! If you still don't know what you're going to be, don't worry because I've got you covered. Watch the video above for some great costume ideas using denim + other items that can all be found in your closet. And if you haven't already, be sure to watch the two other videos I did with Glam showing easy costume ideas for a white button down and a super hero.

Need more ideas for October 31st? Visit the Haute Halloween playlist: http://bit.ly/glam-haute-halloween
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Caroline Jordan: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCarolineinthecity
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The Key Pieces to Creating a Rosie the Riveter Costume:



Does any one have a clue what the difference between tartan and plaid is? I feel like I should know since it's my favorite Fall print. I want plaid/tartan everything! Scarves, tops, sweater, jackets, shoes...I want it all! And I want it in plaid...or tartan. (I'm not sure which print I like best since they look the same to me). So image my excitement when this oversized tartan jacket came into my life. Yes, I did my happy dance again. 

P.S. Happy Birthday to my super cool Dad! Love you Dadio!
Outfit Details:
Tartan Jacket c/o Little Mistress-(Check out the Girls On Film collection! It's amazing!)
Black Tee | similar
J Brand Jeans | similar
Black Boots | similar
Black Bag c/o Oasap | similar
Name Necklace c/o oNecklace
Rope + Fringe Bracelet c/o NadiaRima

More plaid/tartan items:
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