Kacie's Kloset: Date Night

Date Night

 {Top: Marshals; Jeans: Marshals; Belt: Chinese Laundry; Shoes: Nordstroms; Bag: unknown; Jewelry: Premier Designs}

 On Saturday, the hubby and I had a date night. And by date night, I mean we went to the movies and got ice cream after. We saw The Lucky One and loved it (Being that it is a chick flick, I'm sure I liked it a little more than the hubby did). I had read the book about a year or two ago and I love anything Nicholas Sparks so I kind of knew I would like the movie. Did anyone else see The Lucky One over the weekend?


  1. So jealous that your hubby took you to a chick flick...mine won't go to those anymore! Sounds like you had a great date night!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Cute top and skinnies! I can't get the BF to go to a chick flick {i won't go to an action movie}, so we always end up getting a comedy!

    xo, Megan


    1. We tend to go see more comedies too. But since we went and saw The Grey instead of my pick, The Vow, he owed me a good chick flick. LOL.


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