Kacie's Kloset: Guest Post: Putting Me Together

Guest Post: Putting Me Together

I am so happy to have Audrey from Putting Me Together as my guest blogger for today! She probably doesn't know this but I consider her one of my best blogging buddies :) Not only does she have amazing style but she is an amazing person too. She has a series on he blog, Building a Remixable Wardrobe, that really helped me to get out of my dark wash skinny jean rut. (And she also helped me figure out the world of twitter) If you aren't already a follower of her blog, I highly recommend that you become one.
Hello, everyone!  My name is Audrey and I blog over at Putting Me Together where I feature daily outfit inspiration and provide tips and tools for how to work your wardrobe.  One feature I have is called One Piece Different Ways, which I will demonstrate here today. I'm super excited to guest post here!  I love Kacie's style, and I especially love seeing how she wears different pieces from her boutique.  I think the pieces totally come to life when I see them on Kacie! So today, in honor of Kacie and her shop, I'm going to use an item from Daisy Rae that I actually own and show you how it can be worn in different ways...
I think this top is perfect for summer since it's sleeveless and flowy, but will transition well into the fall as it can be layered with various cardigans and blazers.  Since it's white, it can be paired with nearly anything.  I also think that it's great for casual wear, work wear, and for going out.  I love it!  Plus, if you go to the shop and look at more pictures of the top you'll see that the shoulders have a "braided" type of detail for a special touch. I created four looks with this top, though the possibilities are actually endless since it can seriously be paired with almost anything.  It was almost overwhelming to choose, so I narrowed down the options to more general looks that you can easily do with the same basic types of pieces.  I stuck to summer looks, but keep in mind that cardigans, blazers and vests could easily be layered on this piece to create more unique outfits year round. Here they are!

Look #1: Casual
The most straightforward thing to pair it with would be jeans.  I chose trouser jeans since my skinny jeans were suffocating me in the summer heat!  Instead of wearing the top by itself, I put a thin belt around it to add some texture and a focal point.  A pendant necklace or a chunky necklace would also go nicely instead of a belt.  

Look #2: Casual-Dressy
The top can also be paired with shorts and heels for a cute casual-dressy look.  I'd probably wear this outfit on a date night with my husband.  I chose colored shorts to add a little something special to the outfit, and I went with wedges instead of heels to teeter on the line of casual and dressy.  

Look #3: Work Wear
What's nice about this top is that since it's a button-down with a collar it can easily be worn for work.  Pair it with a pencil skirt--again, in any color or print--add some pumps and you're good to go!  

Look #4: A Little Fancy
There's a lot of ways that you could make this top really fancy.  Add a pretty lace skirt or some sequins, for example.  But since I don't usually get that fancy I just paired it with a fun, full skirt and some pumps.  I'm missing some jewelry and bling, but add your own and you'll be ready to celebrate!

Everyone should be able to recreate these looks with basic pieces like jeans, shorts, a pencil skirt, and a fun skirt that are already in your wardrobe.  I didn't accessorize much in any of the outfits because I just wanted to show the basic ways to wear this top in different scenarios and leave the rest up to you to accessorize and make it unique! Something else to note is that not only can this top be worn in different life scenarios (casual, work, going out), it can be worn in 4 different ways: belted, loose and by itself, tucked into a skirt, knotted.  Another reason to love this top! Thanks again to Kacie for having me as a guest over here!  For more extensive tips and tricks to mix up your wardrobe, come by and visit my blog!


  1. Lovely. Now who needs to many clothes when there are so many remixing options. Great job
    k at www.beautystyleandgrowth.blogspot.com

  2. i love her blog! and her style - now I need a top like that. : )

  3. Great looks with this one piece, I love how you remixed it into 4 totally different and cute looks!

  4. LOVE this! All 4 ways are awesome. The going out one is my favorite, just so cute.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. These are great options...I'm gonna have to find a full, bright green skirt liek that, I adore it!

    <3 Cambria

  6. LOVE this post! and i love her blog :) i always enjoy seeing how bloggers remix items in their wardrobe!

  7. I love seeing you mix and match, Audrey! And I love that yellow pencil skirt!

  8. Love the four ways to wear this sleeveless top. My favorite is the last outfit.

    Sheinside GIVEAWAY

  9. Definitely love Audrey's style, and her remixing skills!

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. Too cute! Casual-Dressy is my favorite.



  11. very nice! I need to go through my stuff and remix it! My favorite is the yellow skirt!


  12. really liked the four looks... im your newest follower and heading over to check out Audreys blog too

  13. I love Audrey's blog and saw her cute sleeveless blouse from your boutique and fell in love...so classic and versatile.

    Lindsay @

  14. A fabulous feature and great looks!


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