Kacie's Kloset: July 2012

The Magical Shower

{Top: similar; Romper: similar; Wedges: Guess; Bag; Kenneth Cole similar; Necklace: Nordstrom similar}

Let me tell you how quickly five minutes goes by when showering...like that! (I just snapped my figures) I thought my showers at home were quick but I was wrong. You see, the campground we stayed at has nice hot showers. However, these showers only last five minutes. And believe me, five minutes is not long enough.

Then, my mom discovered the broken magical shower. It never turned off! Hallelujah! I got to take a nice long shower without having to worry about the water shutting off :) Of course, I thought I'd be nice and share this discovery with the hubby so that his next shower could be wonderfully long. Aren't I thoughtful? Well, it turns out the magic ran out and instead of being a magical shower, it was a broken shower. His five minute shower was cold and hardly had any pressure. Ooops! How was I to know the magic wore off?

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Reunited And It Feels So Good!

{Top: Daisy Rae; Shorts: similar; Wedges: Guess; Bag: The Sak in red; Necklace: similar similar}

After camping for a week, most people would say they can't wait to sleep in their own bed instead of in a trailer with a lab and a snoring bulldog. Not me! Although I do enjoy sleeping in my bed at home, the thing I look forward to reuniting with most is my blow dryer and straightener. The are so missed on camping trips! My natural curly frizzy mess I call hair topped with helmet hair is just not a good look for me. But at last I have been reunited with my hair tools and it feels so good great!

P.S. Thank you to the three awesome gals who took over the blog while I was gone! You all are the best!!!

Guest Post: A Coral Gift

My last guest blogger while I'm on vacation is Yi-chia from Always Maylee. She has great style and always writes a fun little story along with her outfit posts . You definitely must check out her blog!

Hi everyone!  I’m Yi-chia and I blog over at Always Maylee.  I’m taking over Kacie’s blog today while she is on vacation.

 {Dress: LOFT (old), Sandals: Charming Charlie’s, Necklace: Francesca’s (old), Belt: H&M}

This dress comes with a story.  When my husband and I were dating, he was working a job that required a lot of hours at the office.  We didn’t get to see each other as often as we would have liked, especially during the dating phase.  One day he wanted to show me that he was thinking of me while he was at work, so he bought me this dress on his lunch break.  Yes, he picked it out and everything.  He gave it to me that night and I was floored.

Seriously, a man who picks out something as adorable as this?  A cute coral dress with little ruffles?  I mean, come on ladies, you know what I’m talking about.  He knew the key to my heart was through fashion and I knew then that I had to marry this man.  And now years later, whenever I wear this dress, it reminds me of how thoughtful my husband really is!

Thanks for reading and letting me invade Kacie’s blog!

Guest Post: Putting Me Together

I am so happy to have Audrey from Putting Me Together as my guest blogger for today! She probably doesn't know this but I consider her one of my best blogging buddies :) Not only does she have amazing style but she is an amazing person too. She has a series on he blog, Building a Remixable Wardrobe, that really helped me to get out of my dark wash skinny jean rut. (And she also helped me figure out the world of twitter) If you aren't already a follower of her blog, I highly recommend that you become one.
Hello, everyone!  My name is Audrey and I blog over at Putting Me Together where I feature daily outfit inspiration and provide tips and tools for how to work your wardrobe.  One feature I have is called One Piece Different Ways, which I will demonstrate here today. I'm super excited to guest post here!  I love Kacie's style, and I especially love seeing how she wears different pieces from her boutique.  I think the pieces totally come to life when I see them on Kacie! So today, in honor of Kacie and her shop, I'm going to use an item from Daisy Rae that I actually own and show you how it can be worn in different ways...
I think this top is perfect for summer since it's sleeveless and flowy, but will transition well into the fall as it can be layered with various cardigans and blazers.  Since it's white, it can be paired with nearly anything.  I also think that it's great for casual wear, work wear, and for going out.  I love it!  Plus, if you go to the shop and look at more pictures of the top you'll see that the shoulders have a "braided" type of detail for a special touch. I created four looks with this top, though the possibilities are actually endless since it can seriously be paired with almost anything.  It was almost overwhelming to choose, so I narrowed down the options to more general looks that you can easily do with the same basic types of pieces.  I stuck to summer looks, but keep in mind that cardigans, blazers and vests could easily be layered on this piece to create more unique outfits year round. Here they are!

Look #1: Casual
The most straightforward thing to pair it with would be jeans.  I chose trouser jeans since my skinny jeans were suffocating me in the summer heat!  Instead of wearing the top by itself, I put a thin belt around it to add some texture and a focal point.  A pendant necklace or a chunky necklace would also go nicely instead of a belt.  

Look #2: Casual-Dressy
The top can also be paired with shorts and heels for a cute casual-dressy look.  I'd probably wear this outfit on a date night with my husband.  I chose colored shorts to add a little something special to the outfit, and I went with wedges instead of heels to teeter on the line of casual and dressy.  

Look #3: Work Wear
What's nice about this top is that since it's a button-down with a collar it can easily be worn for work.  Pair it with a pencil skirt--again, in any color or print--add some pumps and you're good to go!  

Look #4: A Little Fancy
There's a lot of ways that you could make this top really fancy.  Add a pretty lace skirt or some sequins, for example.  But since I don't usually get that fancy I just paired it with a fun, full skirt and some pumps.  I'm missing some jewelry and bling, but add your own and you'll be ready to celebrate!

Everyone should be able to recreate these looks with basic pieces like jeans, shorts, a pencil skirt, and a fun skirt that are already in your wardrobe.  I didn't accessorize much in any of the outfits because I just wanted to show the basic ways to wear this top in different scenarios and leave the rest up to you to accessorize and make it unique! Something else to note is that not only can this top be worn in different life scenarios (casual, work, going out), it can be worn in 4 different ways: belted, loose and by itself, tucked into a skirt, knotted.  Another reason to love this top! Thanks again to Kacie for having me as a guest over here!  For more extensive tips and tricks to mix up your wardrobe, come by and visit my blog!

Guest Post: Sincerely, SK

While I am on vacation this week, I will have three lovely ladies as guest bloggers. The first of which is Sara from Sincerely, SK. You might remeber her from a guest post I did on her blog not to long ago. She is very stylish and so sweet! After reading this post of hers, I'm pretty sure she's my long lost twin. We seriously have so much in common! Be sure to check out and follow her blog!

Hi y’all, I’m Sara! I am a blogger over on Sincerely, SK. I graduated from college back in early May, moved back home to do my student teaching in the fall, and needed something to do in my spare time until the school year started. My friends had been telling me for the last few years to start my own style blog (since I looked at other girls blogs everyday for hours!), and I always refused. Although, after moving back I thought that it would be a good, fun idea!

I would love for you to come and check out my blog! I am so excited to share this part of my life with you and hope to continue to be blogging for a long time…when I’m not surrounded by 3rd graders that is!
 {top: (similar) | skirt: Gap Kids | shoes: Payless (in stores) | necklace: Sam Moon (similar)}

I would also like to say a big thank you to Kacie for allowing me to have a guest post on her blog! She was previously a guest post on mine, so make sure and check it out here if you have yet to see it! Thanks again, Kacie!

On The Road...

 {Top: similar; Skirt: Daisy Rae; Bag: The Sak in red; Wedges: Guess; Necklace: Premier Designs}

As you are reading this I'm "On the road again -Just can't wait to get on the road again. The life I love is making music with my friends and I can't wait to get on the road again" (that was me just busting out in song. You know, like they do in musicals).

Most people are surprised to hear that I ride quads (four-wheelers) in the sand dunes. They say that I don't look like the type of person who would enjoy that. But I have being riding since I was two and love it. So the hubby and I are headed up to the Oregon dunes for a week. And any time I'm in a vehichle, I feel the need to sing. The hubby probably has a headache by now listing to my lovely singing voice. He's one lucky guy to be seranaded by me for 9 hours. After a few hours of singing he usually tells me it's quite/nap time.

Don't be expecting any outfit photos while I'm gone. My riding gear and helemt hair isn't my best look ever. Instead, I will have three of my blogging friends guest post :)

*You can get this skirt (or any Daisy Rae item) 20% with code: kacieskloset20

You Can't Always Get What You Want

 {Top: Daisy Rae; Jeans: Levi's; Shoes: Guess; Bag: The Sak in red; Jewelry: Premier Designs}

I just got this top in for my store and I LOVE it!!! It can be worn casually (like I wore today) or it can easily be dressed up with the right bottoms and accessories.

I"ll let you in on a little secret when it comes to ordering clothing for the store...sometimes you don't always get exactly what you ordered. For example, I ordered this top with short sleeves (not a tank top like the one I have). When I opened the package, all had short sleeves but one. The one I have on. You see since it was the odd man out and it was exactly my size, it was the perfect excuse to have to keep one for myself. Although, I love the top so much (short sleeve or tank top) that I really didn't even need an excuse to keep it. It was going to end up in my closet no matter what.

P.S. Shop Daisy Rae 20% OFF with code: kacieskloset20


{Shorts: Daisy Rae; Necklace: Forever21; Shoes: Urban Outfitters; Sunglasses: similar}

When I wear this necklace, I feel bulletproof in it. I'm pretty sure this necklace could literally deflect bullets. I mean, it is called the Armor Necklace. That is basically code for bullet proof. Now, I'm not going to go test it out or anything but it could come in handy if I ever get in a gun fight.

P.S. Don't forget you can get these shorts (and anything else from Daisy Rae) 20% OFF with code: kacieskloset20

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You Can Call Me Jen & Daisy Rae Winners

 {Top: Target; Jeans: similar; Belt: similar; Shoes: Target; Bag: The Sak in red; Necklace: similar similar similar}

Do you ever put on an outfit and feel like you're channeling your inner celebrity? Please, paparazzi, no more pictures. Or am I the only weird one that does that? Anywho, I'm totally Jennifer Aniston in this outfit. But since we're friends you can just call me Jen. :)

Don't lie, I know when you saw these pictures you thought "Is that Jennifer Aniston?" And who can blame you...I've got her signature outfit on- jeans with a basic tee half tucked, a belt, and some wedges. But I'm sorry to disappoint, it's just little ol' me.

The two winners of the Daisy Rae giveaway are Kelly Heater and Head to Toe Chic!!! Congrats ladies!!! Email me (daisyraeboutique [at] yahoo [dot] com) to claim your prize :)

Everyone else can shop Daisy Rae 20% OFF with code: kacieskloset20
Happy Shopping!!!

Guest Post at Sincerely, SK

Hey Everyone! Today I am guest posting over at Sincerely, SK. SK has great style and is so sweet! Be sure to check out her and follow her blog!

For my guest post I will be showing how I styled the Daisy Rae Sunshine Skirt 3 different ways and you will get a 15% OFF coupon code to shop Daisy Rae!!!

Be sure to head over and check out my post at Sincerely, SK!!!

P.S. Today (Sunday) is the last day to enter the Daisy Rae Giveaway!

Wrinkels & Posh24 Blog Battle

 {Top: Daisy Rae; Shots: Ella Moss similar; Shoes: similar similar; Bag: Kenneth Cole similar}

What is with all the wrinkles this week? I do own an iron and a steamer. I just need to remember to actually use them.

Remember how I was in the Posh24 Fashion Blog Battle this week? Well, you can go here to see who won. I'll give you a hint...it was me!!! Thank you so much to all my readers and everyone who voted for me! I am so excited that I won!!! :)

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