Kacie's Kloset: Money Management Tips For The Fashion Lover

Money Management Tips For The Fashion Lover

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I think we can all agree that paying bills totally cuts into our clothes shopping budget. When you're younger you never have to worry about paying bills. All your money can go toward fun stuff like clothes. And can we just recognize how it's so unfair that our parents no longer give us school clothes shopping money? I mean sure, I'm not technically in school anymore but I drive past a school every once in a while so it's basically the same thing. But no, you grow up and suddenly have responsibilities like buying food and paying for electricity and the list goes on. Spending money on clothes is way more fun! Sure you could join the life of crime to support your shopping habits but then you'd end up in jail and have to wear the same outfit everyday! Ugh! Instead, it's better to learn to manage your money so you can pay the bills and still afford to look stylish. Lucky for me, my dad was in banking for 30 years and my parents taught me a thing or two about finances. Below are some tips I learned from them, as well as some I learned on my own, that have helped me transition into the bill paying part of adulthood while still shopping and not putting myself into debt.

1. Know What's in Your Closet
 It's important to know what you already own so you don't spend money on something you already have. This means keeping your closet organized. I organize my clothing by style and color but you can find any method that works for you.

2. Set a Monthly Shopping Budget
Whether it's $50/month or $500/month, set your monthly shopping budget and stick to it. Any leftover money from the monthly budget that wasn't spent can roll over to the following month. And if there is an item that you love but it's over your monthly budget, you can borrow from next months budget. But if you do that, make sure you don't overspend the following month.

3. Shop with a Purpose
Have an idea of what you want to buy before you go shopping. There are so many cute items available, and it can be very tempting to buy it all. But then you end up with a closet full of cute clothes that you don't really want/need and might not wear a lot. To avoid making this mistake, keep a list of items that you find yourself constantly thinking about. Take the list with you when you go shopping to help you stay on track.

4. Shop the Sales
I rarely buy anything full price. Before I make any online purchase, I search for coupon codes to save money. Holidays sales are also a great time to get amazing deals. I saved my money from my May budget until Memorial Day Weekend and was able to get two of the more expensive items on my list for half off!

5. Avoid Store Credit Cards
Don't give into the temptation! I know they promise you major savings and/or rewards but it usually costs you more in the long run. Sure you save 5% when you first sign up but most people don't pay it off when the bill comes and end up paying more in interest than the money saved. I have zero store credit cards and plan to keep it that way. Just say no to store credit cards, people!

These tips have helped me get to a better state when it comes to shopping and finances and I hope they help you too.

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  1. I always check for discount codes when I do online shopping as well! It really is a great way to save a little! Love this post!


    1. Yup! And it's such an easy way to save too :)

  2. Totally agree Kacie!!!!!



  3. Agree on the store credit cards, though you mean to open to get a discount and pay off immediately, somehow it never works out just right.
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

    1. Exactly! You start out with good intentions of paying it off but when the bill comes, most people don't.

  4. I so agree. Adulthood sucks! That's why I tend to be so thrifty. I'll invest in great bags but everything else comes from a sale or the thrift store.

    1. And you always find so many cute items from your thrifting adventures!

  5. It is hard to manage a budget plus resisting all the beautiful things out there to buy! Lately I have not been shopping and if I mess up it has only been $20 or so... Otherwise I do NOT shop with credit cards. A couple years ago when I started the blog it was too easy to add purchases on my credit cards, now I live by my means, which means more sale shopping and thrift store shopping!

    1. I know, I want to own all the cute things that I see! lol. It's so difficult to resist!

  6. great tips! those store credit cards can be enticing!!



  7. Love the tips :) I am in banking and it so amazing how many people don't know the finance basics! This is a great list to keep people who love to shop on track!


    1. It amazes me too! I'm so glad my parents taught me about finances from a young age!

  8. Great tips. Sticking to a budget is key! If only we all could just have an unlimited clothing budget ;)


    1. Haha! An unlimited clothing budget would be a dream come true!

  9. What a great post with great tips. I have a budget for every 2 weeks and when I don't go cause I'm busy I added it to the next 2 weeks.



  10. Love these tips. I am a complete sale shopper too :)


  11. These tips are so useful and one we should all try to follow! Have a great start to the weekend hun!

  12. Haha yes they do! I am a consummate bargain hunter, yesterday I went to Joe Fresh--they were having a sale %50 0ff the lowest price. I got 2 dress and a hat for $26.00, now thats shopping with a purpose!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  13. Great tips! Especially the one about stying organized and knowing what is in your closet. So true!! I always forget I have somethings... when I rediscover them I relaize I don't need to buy something else.

    If you get a sec, I would love to hear you thoughts on my latest


  14. These are great tips, and I 100% agree with all of them.

    I have more clothes than any one I know, and I'm also in a better financial situation. My financial advisor has told me many times that he thinks I'm amazing with money. I'm always like, "umm...you should see my closet."

    It's just a matter of being smart with money and shopping. I rarely pay full price for anything either, but when I do, it's for something I know won't end up on sale later, or something that's hard to find.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  15. I always shop with a purpose but I feel like I can never find what I want within budget. A lot of clothing out there I find is just not worth the money based on quality! And then whatever I want I can never find sigh. On a random note, every time I hear "Like a good neighbour State Farm is there", I think of their commercials- so funny! :D


  16. Great tips! I abide by all of these and am working on two, including knowing what's in my closet. Sometimes I forget about stuff and I'm like "Oh yeah!" I was so much better at this before I was sharing a closet with the BF. :)

    Kachet, The Lipstick Giraffe

  17. My name is Kacie too! I love your blog. This is such a beautiful picture of you!


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